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The Build America Buy America Act

The Build America Buy America Act (BABAA) stands as a monumental Act passed in Congress is to fortify the economy, infrastructure, and employment opportunities in the United States. The Act states that any industrial project that gets funding from the US must be 100% manufactured in the US for the procurement of materials by government bodies, thereby bolstering local businesses and ensuring that taxpayer funds are reinvested within the American economy.

Within the breadth of this Act, domestic manufacturing, particularly the production of industrial fasteners, emerges as a central focus. Any BABA fasteners are essential components in a vast array of construction, engineering, and manufacturing endeavors. By prioritizing the acquisition of BABA fasteners, the Act assists in solidifying the domestic manufacturing sector, and spurs innovation and sustainability in production processes.

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BABA fasteners impact both economically and environmentally

The push for companies to build America fasteners under the Act brings about numerous positive outcomes for the U.S. economy and the environment. The heightened demand for these domestically produced fasteners stimulates local job creation, encourages skills development, and supports small and medium-sized businesses involved in their production. This results in a smaller global carbon footprint benefiting the environment. This also gives the US the ability to not rely on foreign supply chains creating a greater economy and environment across the board within the US. Choosing fasteners that are 100% domestically manufactured helps procure government funding that has an overall great impact on everyone.

Why Choose Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing for Your Domestic Fastener Needs?

When it comes to sourcing BABA fasteners or obtaining further information, Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing emerges as a trusted and reputed choice. As a premier producer of domestic fasteners, the company offers top-tier products that fully comply with the criteria of the Build America Buy America Act.

Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing has an enduring commitment to bolstering many industries in this economy. Their team of industry professionals stands ready to provide information, respond to inquiries, and guide businesses on how to capitalize on the benefits of BABA Act and the custom fasteners that they can produce. Atlanta Rod and Manufacturing ensures you receive top, 100%, domestic products, but also provides support for a sustainable and resilient U.S. economy. Choose Atlanta Rod for all your domestic fasteners on your next industrial project and take advantage of government funding today.


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